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Artwork Requirements

1. Software Supported
We can output digital files from the following software products: Adobe Illustrator CC, Photoshop CC, InDesign CC. If you are using a newer version than what is listed, please save your document as an earlier version that is compatible with our software versions listed. If the software you are using is not on this list, please contact us as some programs can save files in an EPS or JPEG format that may be acceptable for output.

2. Setting up your document
Please build one file per banner design. In the case of programs that support multiple pages only place one banner design per page. Create your document dimensions in inches, NOT feet. If your final product is 3' x 5', build it as 36" x 60". Inset your text and important graphics 2.5" from the edge to prevent them from being sewn thr u in the finishing process. Please remember to save a copy of your file with the type converted to outlines, paths or curves and send us this copy to prevent any font substitution problems.

3. Bitmap or Scanned Images (i.e. Photoshop files)
When including Photoshop (bitmap) images, you should scan or create your image at it’s final reproduction size at a resolution of 85-100 pixels per inch minimum. Rasterized type in Photoshop will lose it’s crisp look and stair-step if the file resolution is too small. A typical Photoshop file with the correct resolution will be between 35 MB to 200 MB (uncompressed) or larger depending on the final reproduction size. You can save these files in the JPEG format with the quality or compression level set to Highest Quality or Maximum Quality. This setting ensures there is no distortion or loss of detail while providing the best compression of the file.

4. Color Matching
If color is critical to your job, for additional charges we can produce a small print sample of your file for you to inspect. Color corrections can then be made and another print sample made for final approval. If you specify pantone spot colors, our color management will attempt to get as close as possible, however this may result in a color that does not look as you intended. Due to the nature of digital imaging, exact Pantone spot color matches are not always possible. For an additional fee we can provide you with a printed color chart so you can see how your Pantone spot colors will print. Please note that metallic inks are not available for digital printing. Pantone’s CMYK equivalent will be substituted for the metallic inks specified in your file. If you do not wish this substitution to occur, please substitute a non-metallic color to simulate the effect you are trying to achieve.

5. Hem and Trim Allowance
We do not require any bleed.

If you need further information, please contact us, 718-740-4424 or email us


1. Save a Copy of your file(s) with the type converted to outlines, curves or paths. (If your program will do that of course. Illustrator, Freehand, InDesign and CorelDraw have this capability.)

2. If you cannot convert your type to paths, curves or outlines, then please include the fonts (both outline/printer and screen/bitmap files or your file will not output properly.

3. Include all the files you placed into your artwork. Embedding files is not recommended as it invites file corruption and often embedded files will not output properly.

4. Once you’ve collected all your files in one folder, Right-Click (or on Mac OSX: Control-Click) on the folder and select:

   WINDOWS XP: Send To -> Compressed (zipped) Folder

   Mac OSX: Create archive of “xxx” or Compress “xxx”

This will create a (.zip) archive and help protect your file(s) from being corrupted.

IMPORTANT: If you placed your order online, please include your order number in your file or folder name.

5. To send files less than 10mb please email to or

For Files larger than 25mb we recommend using This is a free service for files up to 2gb.

6. Please include a low-res JPEG or PDF of your artwork. This will help the art department and the printing department to quickly check that the artwork they are processing has not suffered corruption. (If you send your artwork by post, please include a printout of your artwork.)

7. Make sure you have included the contact info of your designer in case we have questions.

he following color swatches are for representation only. Colors may vary from monitor to monitor. Below each color name is the closest Pantone® match for that color. Colors and availability are subject to change.

Please contact us at 718-740-4424 or e-mail if you would like us to send you actual color swatches.