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​Re “Guns and Groundhog Day” (editorial, Nov. 13): NY Times

​Re “Guns and Groundhog Day” (editorial, Nov. 13): NY Times

I have been in the flag and banner business for the last 40 years. I have great experience with the protocols involving the American flag. Whenever a mass shooting occurs, we lower the American flag on our building to half-staff for an extended period. Then, after an appropriate amount of time has elapsed, we raise the flag back to the top of the flagpole.

It seems to me, much as in the Groundhog Day example you cite, that no sooner do I raise the flag than I am right back on the roof again, lowering it to half-staff.

I suggest that we who feel that nothing is being done about gun control and the mass killing of innocent people leave our flags at half-staff in protest. Maybe a movement will start and people can let their feelings be seen and known.

It is time to use our most sacred symbol to help break the hold that the National Rifle Association and its political cronies have on our country. Let’s begin by not raising the flag until bump stocks are banned.