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Save Some Green By Going Green with LED Conversion!

Save Some Green By Going Green with LED Conversion!

LED Conversions are the future of business signs!

One of the newest projects we have embarked on is retrofitting Neon or Fluorescent road and business signs. We started doing these projects with the help of our partners at McDonald's and we have been gutting and cleaning the Big M road signs. The response was out of this world! So much so, customers are telling us they can see the signs from outter space. 

The golden arches are unforgettable by themselves but when our customers see the signs light up with the new LED lights they can only say Wow! This has been such a rewarding experience for Five Boro Banner because, while we are helping light up the sky with light we are also helping store owners save money by using these low voltage bulbs. These lights are lasting for up to 100,000 hours and using less electricity than typical fluorescent bulbs. This cuts a store owners electric bill by almost 80% immediately because the power output is that much less. 

This new project is not just for McDonald's or any large chain store. It can also be for Mom and Pop stores that have smaller light up signs hanging above their storefront. We can change those bulbs to LED lights as well! We are ready to help our neighbors and our community save money on their electric bills and make money because of the increased visibility these new lights will provide you. 

We are more than happy to help you with your conversion or just give you a better idea of what it is that we are doing with these conversions if you are interested in learning more! Don't hesitate to call us at 718-740-4424 ask for Jeff or Daniel and we will answer any questions you may have!